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5 DIY Projects For Pet Owners

Man working on a home project for his dog

One of the best parts of owning a home is having the freedom to truly make it your own.

Sometimes, even small changes can make a big difference in how a space accommodates your family and lifestyle. And the same is true for your four-legged friends – because, after all, our pets are members of the family, too.

So why not renovate your home and make life a little easier for the entire family? Check out some of these simple DIY projects that are sure to make your home a pet-friendly sanctuary:


  1. Make bath time easier. Washing muddy paws can be a dirty job. But a simple renovation to your laundry room or mudroom could change the way you tackle bath time. Try adding a ramp and raised tub with a hand-held shower to make your very own pet washing station. And consider installing scratch- and stain-resistant floors to make cleanup a breeze.
  2. Give your pet some space. Just like us humans, our pets enjoy having their own space to relax and unwind. So consider carving out some room in your home just for them. Have an extra bedroom, screened porch, or sunroom? Convert it into a space with some toys, a dog bed, or cat tree. Store their food and water dishes here too, and it can serve as a great way to keep your pet supplies separate from the rest of the house.
  3. Install doors and gates. We’re used to using gates to keep our pets in. But what are you doing to let them outside? It’s easy to install a pet door so your dog or cat can easily enter and exit the house without making a mess. And new “smart” pet doors on the market have improved upon those old-fashioned flap designs, offering features like key-fob controlled access and app-based locking and unlocking.
  4. Build your backyard. Happy, healthy pets need a controlled place to roam. Build a fenced-in dog run to give your pet the freedom to roam without running off. You can also install a ramp on the deck for older pets, so they have the freedom to explore even as they age.
  5. Design storage space. Pet food and litter takes up a lot of space, and it can often make a mess in your kitchen or laundry room. Try installing a designated pet supplies cabinet or storage bin to keep pet supplies out of sight. This will help prevent spills and keep the smell of pet food away from dinner.

Making life easier for your furry friends makes it easier for you, too. And if you ever need to sell your home, pet owners may be willing to pay a little extra for your pet-friendly upgrades.

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