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5 Unconventional Businesses That Still Need Insurance

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If you own a business, you need business insurance. No matter how unconventional your enterprise is, be assured, you have some exposure to risk. The following are unconventional businesses that still need insurance.

Dog Walker

Professional dog walkers need strength and stamina to keep up with the pets in their care. They also need financial protection in case of an accident. A basic dog walking business insurance policy should begin with comprehensive coverage, such as general liability, business personal property, and animal bailee coverage – additional protection in the event of injury, death, or damages caused by an animal in your custody or care. It may also include optional coverage such as veterinary expense reimbursement (regardless of fault) and lost key liability coverage.


Even if you normally work from home at your computer as a blogger, you still have risk exposure. For example, another blogger could accuse you of plagiarism and take legal action against you. Someone else could accuse you of libel based on something you wrote. In the course of conducting an interview, you could accidentally cause damage to someone else’s property. At the very least, bloggers need business general liability insurance. You may also need professional liability insurance and commercial property insurance. Our agent can tailor an insurance product to suit your business needs.


A skilled handyman is in great demand, and anything can happen in this line of work. Insurance coverage for a handyman business should protect you in case of an accident, injury, or loss. In some states, it may be legally required. A handyman business insurance policy should include commercial general liability, professional liability, tools and equipment coverage, and workers compensation if you have employees. In addition to the protection it provides, having a business insurance policy demonstrates professionalism to your clients.

Pet Sitter

Things can happen when you are caring for other people’s pets. An animal could be injured on your watch. You could lose a client’s keys. A pet could die because of an error made by you or someone on your staff. Pet sitting business insurance is designed to protect your business from property damage and bodily injury claims. Among other options, it should include general liability, animal bailee, and coverage for basic grooming and obedience training.


Freelancers are independent contractors who earn income on a per-job or per task basis. A variety of companies, government agencies, and organizations hire freelancers. They can be found in a variety of fields, including accounting and finance, medical and health, education, and training, writing, and editing, and computer and IT. The business insurance you need as a freelancer will depend in part on the type of freelance work you do. At a minimum, you may need general liability, professional liability, cyber security, and business interruption coverage.

Today, every business is exposed to risk. No matter how unconventional your business, you need insurance for protection against loss. Our experienced agent can custom tailor a business insurance package for you.

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