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Here’s How to Get the Most Out of Your Plan

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You pay for health insurance – but may not know you could get more out of it! If you have health insurance but are unsure what it offers, you may miss out on some important benefits. 

Review Your Health Insurance Plan Each Year.

Every health insurance company offers a slightly different set of services, with many mandated by the Affordable Care Act. If you tend to let your plan continue each year without checking the market, you could be losing money needlessly, as your health insurance premiums may increase. You may be responsible for higher co-pays and deductibles, or your favorite doctor may no longer be on your plan’s network provider list. Make a habit of reviewing your health insurance plan yearly with an insurance agent who can guide you.

Take Advantage of Your Plan’s Preventative Care Options

You have access to free preventative care through your health insurance – it’s the law. Get the facts on what your plan offers and make the most of it! These benefits cost you nothing and could help protect your health for the long term, including screenings, counseling, immunizations, and others. 

Types of Health Insurance Plans: What’s Right for You (and Your Budget)?

Health insurance plans come in four categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. These “metal” categories give you an idea of how your plan will share the cost of your healthcare with you. Essentially, the more valuable the metal, the higher the monthly premiums.

You also have a choice regarding types of networks:

  • HMO: An HMO, or “Health Maintenance Organization,” covers medical care from contracted medical professionals and does not cover out-of-network care unless it is an emergency. These plans often provide an array of prevention and wellness options, including health assessments, health education classes, and phone wellness coaching, to name just a few.
  • PPO: A PPO, or “Preferred Provider Organization,” makes it possible to pay less for medical care for in-network medical professionals and allows you to use any doctor you want outside of the network, but at added cost. Wellness benefits vary, based on the insurance company, but may include help with quitting smoking, fitness programs, weight loss programs, and many preventative health screenings.
  • POS: A POS or “Point of Service” plan allows you to pay less when treated by doctors, other healthcare professionals, or hospitals in the plan’s network. The premiums are often lower, but you will need a referral to see a specialist. Each plan offers wellness benefits.
  • EPO: An EOS, or “Exclusive Provider Organization,” is a managed care plan that covers you only when you visit doctors within the network unless you experience a health emergency. These plans are among the most “wallet-friendly” offered, as premiums are lower, but be aware that the deductible is higher.

Need help finding the best health insurance plan? You are not alone! Choosing the best plan for your budget can be challenging. You can get guidance from a local health insurance agent who can search out the best plan for you and your budget and that provides the extras that make a difference in your overall health.

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