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Divorce, Finances & Retirement

Season 2 Podcast Cover

No one goes into a marriage thinking they will end up divorced, but it happens. The reality is we should be prepared for the possibility. Still, so often, we are made to believe that thinking about divorce, much less protecting ourselves against it, will somehow bring on our marriage’s failure. Here’s the truth: women are disproportionately affected by divorce. The financial consequences affect our quality of life, our retirement, and our legacy. This week I am sharing a story I see all too often, a client going through a divorce and facing the reality of her quickly changing financial situation. Join me this week as I share some useful information for women facing and rebuilding from divorce.

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Customer Reviews

...and is always looking for ways to serve us better!

Richard F

Superior service both Heather and Devora are experts in this field.

Carl W

Heather is hands down the best agent around!

Jacob L

"She helped me for years to realize the importance of planning now for later."

Gerena B

"I'm so grateful for their support, guidance, and proactive care."

Shayla E