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Rakisha Nicholson

Career Agent

My entire vast and varied career has been about helping people mitigate risk. I started out working in a lab as a histotechnician preparing potentially cancerous tissue for medical diagnosis. Patients were either proactively taking measures to protect their health or seeking treatment. As a compliance professional for a biopharmaceutical company my job was to report manufacturing deviations to the FDA in case the therapeutic medication individuals received did not meet quality standards. This professional foundation sets the tone as the vehicle to make a difference and further help people positively impact their lives. In 2017, after many years of service, I set out on a new path to do something new. As a new wife and mother, I was faced with figuring out my next step for the betterment and well-being of my family. With the question of how do I become appropriately compensated again to proactively relieve financial stress:

Being able to afford the cost of living and healthcare in retirement
-Leverage inflation
-Outliving retirement savings
-Having money to pay bills in the event my husband loses his job
-Having money to cover out-of-pocket medical cost
-Ability to rely on Social Security/Medicare in retirement

Led me to discover I did not have my ducks or elephants in a row for that matter. In fact, there were no ducks in the pond and the city shut it down to build a new shopping center so I better get it together. It ignited a fire inside me I knew if I needed help in discovering these answers other people did too. After taking a leap of faith from a job posting my husband informed me about, I started my insurance journey. And through learning valuable information not easily obtained or understood I knew becoming an insurance agent would not only help my family realize our life goals but my clients and the public alike. I help you, your family, and your business find solutions to best fit your needs. This is my WHY and I am looking forward to serving you!

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Customer Reviews

Thank you

Jeremy W
5/5 of the best in the business!

Jerome T II

Very knowledgeable in her industry.

Heather K

...and is always looking for ways to serve us better!

Richard F

Superior service both Heather and Devora are experts in this field.

Carl W