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Mindfulness and Your Finances: The Whole You

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Today Shayla Herndon-Edmunds is joining us for a beautiful conversation on how mindfulness can help you step into your power in your finances and beyond.

Shayla is a wellness professional who works in talent management, equity & inclusion, and as a personal care coach and healer. She moves through all aspects of her life with an infectious spirit of grace and intentionality, reshaping the stories of her past into fuel for success.

Shayla and I sit down to discuss how we all can remove fear from our present to achieve authentic happiness as we climb our way to the top. Join us in this discussion of money stories, our past, our fears, and healing.

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Jeremy W
5/5 of the best in the business!

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Very knowledgeable in her industry.

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...and is always looking for ways to serve us better!

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Superior service both Heather and Devora are experts in this field.

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