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Our Approach

At ISAA Retire Strong, every agent on our team holds customer service as a top priority. We never want you to feel like a number on a cue list. With us, you are family and we take each relationship seriously. Our agents take the time to get to know you because the best way we can represent your financial interests is to understand you, the whole person.

Every piece of advice we give and every product we suggest has been tailored to your unique circumstances and individual needs. No two people, experiences, or lives are the same so there is no such thing as a financial plan that works well for everyone.

We have designed a unique system, The Blueprint to a Better Path, which is flexible and customizable to each client. This plan will serve as your financial guide to help you get from a dream to a strong retirement, no matter what that looks like for you.

Blueprint for a Better Path

Pre-Discovery Meeting

Our first session with new clients is an opportunity for your new adviser to listen to you. We want to get to know your hopes and dreams, what you have been able to accomplish thus far, and what is still on your list. We want to learn about your family, where you are in your career, how your health is, and what your finances look like. The goal of this meeting is to walk away with a solid understanding of what matters most to you.

Discovery Meeting

This session is all about understanding your current financial position. We do this by completing a fact-finder and needs analysis. This is an in-depth information gathering process that takes into account all aspects of your finances. We will review your needs, goals, investor profile, and more to help us put together a fuller picture of who you are and how we can help.

Strategy Meeting

Since your last session, your financial agent has used your fact-finder and their expertise to analyze your situation and identify key areas that require attention. Your agent will put together their written recommendations and present them to you in this meeting. After your questions have been answered and you understand how to move forward, it is time for you to decide if you would like to get qualified for our Blueprint to a Better Path.


Now that you have decided to work with us, we will use this session to put your Blueprint to a Better Path in place. We will go over your plan once more to ensure you have a firm understanding of each puzzle piece and how they work together. Then we work together to finalize your financial strategy, execute your Blueprint, and allocate funds appropriately.  You are now on your way to a better life and a strong retirement!

Review Sessions

We are aware that changes are a natural part of life, so we will have review sessions with you as needed to ensure your Blueprint is still the best plan to get you where you want to be. We take into account changes in your life and circumstances but also changes in legislature and the market that may affect your plan. Everything we do will be tailored to your specific Blueprint for a Better Path.

On-going Support

Your advisor will put together an ongoing service package based on your financial needs. This service is free as long as you are an ISAA Retire Strong client.

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Customer Reviews

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Jeremy W
5/5 of the best in the business!

Jerome T II

Very knowledgeable in her industry.

Heather K

...and is always looking for ways to serve us better!

Richard F

Superior service both Heather and Devora are experts in this field.

Carl W