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The Need

If you are approaching retirement three critical questions have probably come to mind: 

  1. How much do I need to save to live comfortably in retirement?
  2. Where do I put my money so it lasts as long as I live?
  3. If something happens to me, will my plan continue to work for my family?

Great news! – often you can achieve both objectives: adequate life-long retirement income and preservation of wealth for your family.

Retirement planning is like climbing a mountain…

Is the objective really just to get to the top? Not entirely. The objective is to get to the top and then to get back down safely.

Getting to the top is your accumulation period where you’ve worked hard and saved for your future. Getting back down is the distribution phase of your retirement. Successful retirement planning is truly all about “how you’ve packed your bag!”

There isn’t a cheap and easy bailout at the top of the mountain if you’ve prepared for your retirement journey the wrong way. This is why we have designed the Blueprint for a Better Path.

The Blueprint for a Better Path is an all-encompassing plan for wealth building and retirement planning for any stage of life. Your financial agent will work with you to integrate your dreams, goals, current interests, business needs, family life, and more into one plan made specifically for your unique circumstances. Our goal is to help you accumulate wealth, fuel your retirement with as little tax liability as possible, and leave a legacy for your family.

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